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Alejandro and Tyler get off to an awkward start. When the cast first exits from the bus, Tyler and Bridgette trip over Ezekiel, who was knocked to the ground moments earlier by an excited Izzy. Alejandro helps all four of them to their feet, as Tyler is mistaking this gesture as one of affection. Alejandro Burromuerto was a contestant, the main antagonist, and one of the finalists of Total Drama World Tour. He was one of the three newcomers to the series and a member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. He was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. He decides to get Owen to vote for Tyler, and in the case of a tiebreaker Tyler is easier to beat than Alejandro. The tiebreaker is a London trivia challenge, and Noah successfully eliminates Tyler, leaving Alejandro alone and angry that he was outsmarted by Noah. Duncan and Gwen kiss, but instead of Tyler walking in on them it's Ezekiel. 11th. The 2023 Total Drama Hall of Fame: all the finalists of the 8 different competitions ⭐️. 179. 46. r/Totaldrama. Join. • 12 days ago. SPOILER. Total Drama - All 12 of Alejandro's victims - YouTube. These is a video of all of Alejandro's victims in World tour which are Harold, Bridgette, Leshawna, DJ, Noah, Tyler, Gwen, Owen, Courtney. Alejandro Burromuerto, is a major character of the Canadian animated franchise Total Drama, serving as the final antagonist of Total Drama Action, the main antagonist of Total Drama World Tour, a cameo character in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and a major protagonist of Total Drama All-Stars.