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In this episode we mark five years of podcasting and talk about how we've been focusing on keeping things sexy between us during these COVID-19 times.  We reflect on our podcasting and lifestyle journey and answer a related question in Kay's Corner.  We share a sexy story gone awry when friends of ours sent a "Love is Art" painting kit for us to try out.  Kay is on the search. We update our listeners on why we are overdue for publishing a podcast episode and what the future looks like for That Couple Next Door. In summary, we will be hosting our podcast through Patreon for the next two years, until I finish residency. At that time, we will see about resuming it, but for now, it is the safest way forward for us. Thank you so much for all of your messages and support. In this episode, Jay & Kay reconnect by asking each other questions from the 4OURPLAY conversation deck, one of several game packs created by Bella & Jase, hosts of the 4OURPLAY podcast.  We really enjoyed it and ultimately, as advertised, the game worked as foreplay and we ended up in bed together.  We hope you'll enjoy hanging out with us as we dive deep into each other's. Friends of That Couple Next Door. $5. / month. You will have access to all of our 75+ podcast episodes as well as access to our MeWe chat community where we will continue to update people on our journey and share in answering lifestyle questions. We will also share photos and any future audio content will be published through Patreon only. The Couple Next Door. Show Notes-Episode 9-May 31st, 2016 Cuckold vs Hotwife Almost nothing happened during the period of time between podcasts until a split minute choice to go to Seattle after a Saturday afternoon hike. We finally got together with our single male friend for an MFM and it was everything we thought it would be!. The Couple Next Door This is our first podcast and we are going to use it to introduce ourselves to the podcasting world! In this episode, we talk about our most recent adventures and give a few hints about our experience as a couple in the lifestyle!. Show Notes-Episode 6-April 3rd, 2016, 2016 Hotels and House Parties It has been almost a month since our last podcast but lifestyle activities have been few and far between with Eve's work schedule. We talk about our dancing fun with a couple that are slowly becoming better friends despite Eve's subtle resistance. We talk about dating/playing separately and how at this time, it is not the. 7 août 2022 · That Couple Next Door podcast on demand - We decided to enter the swinging lifestyle in the fall of 2015. Nearly simultaneously, we created a podcast to share our stories, discussing the great moments and those resulting in lessons learned. We never thought we'd make such great friends and.