[51 FILES :: 677 MB] How to start conversations with creators 🍒 #WU0ZGMzYzgy

I've been finding it really difficult engaging in conversations with creators, I am quite shy so conversations are never easy for me. A lot of girls will say in their welcome message that they love to chat or they love getting to know their fans but I'm not sure what to do. Most of them will answer a question I ask but there is no follow up so. 8 août 2022 · Some OF customers shell out big bucks (often hundreds of dollars per session) for one-on-one chats with their favorite creators. But what these customers often don’t know is that they’re exchanging messages with a “professional chatter” – someone hired to imitate the creator – rather than the creator herself. Today it started saying I have one unread message, but I don't. I clicked on everything to be sure. Has anyone had this problem? If it's just an alert glitch that's fine, but I'm just nervous someone sent me a message and I'm not able to read it for some reason. Annoying Hide function in chats. Why there is on earth this silly function to hide a message from fans? It's right next to LIKE so it happened to my already several times I pressed it by mistake and than the entire message disappeared. How do you unhide it? It seems there is no option to reverse it. onlyfans doesn't seem to think.